What we do

Peak Performance Global Equity invests in high-growth, disruptive industries in established and emerging markets on a global scale.

Creating and adding value

Our experienced team seeks out opportunities that can both create and add value. We allocate capital carefully across different strategies and geographies, and our portfolios outperform major market indices regularly.

Innovation and growth

Our acquisition and investment strategy is focused on maximum value creation, from household names to the most innovative, high-tech leaders in specific sectors.


The Peak Performance team targets growth companies in diverse markets with a specific focus on transformative and disruptive developments that have a positive impact. Our experienced team assesses opportunities that create and add value. We allocate capital carefully across different strategies and geographies. Our portfolios outperform major market indices regularly.


Peak Performance Global Equity makes use of sector-specific expertise and a deep execution team to invest in growth companies, emerging market developments and sustainable, ‘green’ technologies, in venture capital, real estate and sovereign debt. 


Peak Performance Global Equity is an active and aligned partner to management, using both recapitalization transactions and strategically collateralized growth assets. We use our expertise to seek out strategically opportunistic debt or equity schemes with strong value propositions and proprietary know-how. 


Our strategies keep a focus on growth, resilience and long-term value, even in uncertain times.


Global Scope ​

Our global focus allows our investments to capture the strongest results possible with operations in the US, UK and Latin America.

Niche Experience

Our execution team has a long track record of taking the deep dive into highly specific areas and industries, arming us with knowledge we need to make correct, timely decisions.

Smart Diversification

Our disciplined investment methodology draws from our long experience in business valuation and risk assessment. Our agility and expertise results in solid performance.

Due Diligence

Our long-term focus on due diligence is crucial to our success. Adding a qualitative layer to the quantitative is key in producing in-depth analysis of track records.

Positive Impact

The most positive results come from efficient allocation of capital. Our forward thinking also focuses on sustainable and green technologies and high-potential innovations.

Legal Compliance

Our high degree of sophistication with regards to legal and regulatory standards assures strict and full compliance. We take cybersecurity, privacy and data security very seriously.

Portfolio Companies

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Investor Relations

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